Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Try these 5 home remedies for rash. Many of our customers suffer from allergies and we set out to find ways of helping them...

...This wondrous plant has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal properties and is effective for treating rashes.

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Rosehip Oil Benefits for all skin

Daily ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil works as a natural agent, moisturising and repairing your skin. It actively penetrates and repairs damaged skin without leaving an oily sensation or residue.

As part of your daily moisturising routine, ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil will work miracles on fine lines and age spots.

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use rosehip oil to sooth mosquito bite

Mosquito bites can be painful and itchy. Those little biters really know how to make a nuisance of themselves. 

A great way of stopping that itchy feeling is to put 1 drop of Rosehip Oil on the affected area.

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rosehip oil for hair health

Hi everyone, I'm Dave and I have asked Marisol if I could write a piece for her blog. I wanted to tell you all that I think her Rosehip Oil is the best hair product I have ever used.

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Orange Grove Organic Farmers Market

We sell our Pure Organic Rosehip Oil at The Orange Grove Organic Market in the Inner West of Sydney every Saturday Morning or online at www.araucana.com.au

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rose in garden

We surveyed our customers to find out the most popular ways to use Rosehip Oil. Our 10 Top Uses for Rosehip Oil are...

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Rosehip Oil Is Ideal As An Aftershave For Men

Rosehip Oil as an aftershave balm

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Eczema can be cured with Araucana Rosehip Oil.After 5 years of having ‘leprous’ looking hands and having to wear gloves due to embarrassment he is now eczema free and able to socialise and garden. Thank you Araucana. Read More
Marisol Bogaz | Founder of Araucana Natural CosmeticsIn this article we talk through the uses of Rosehip Oil including how it helps with itchy legs, eczema, with chemo, with burns. Read More
Araucana Organic Rosehip OilHow much do I need to use each time, and how often do I have to apply it?
ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil can be applied as a morning moisturiser & a night serum...
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