Rosehip Oil Benefits For Skin

Rosehip Oil benefits for Skin

There are so many wonderful uses for Rosehip Oil. Our many loyal customers (I call them our frequent fliers!) continue to suggest new uses that we hadn't previously considered! 

Here are some of the top uses we have been discussing recently.

For Your Skin & Face

After your shower, apply a few drops to your face and/or body in a circular motion.

Daily ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil works as a natural agent, moisturising and repairing your skin. It actively penetrates and repairs damaged skin without leaving an oily sensation or residue. As part of your daily moisturising routine, ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil will work miracles on fine lines and age spots. As a primer Apply a few drops of ARAUCANA Rosehip Oil on your dry face before applying your usual moisturiser or makeup. 

Some clients mix their moisturiser and rosehip oil in one bottle, applying it as one. Daily Using ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil as a facial primer ensures that  your make-up goes on smoothly and stays on for longer. This means that your face will look and feel fresh and revitalised throughout the entire day.

As a Night Serum

Massage 4 – 6 drops of ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil into your skin just before bed.

Apply every night. You will see and feel the difference in a matter of days/weeks.

ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil will provide your skin with natural retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E & C, and the essential fatty acids that your skin requires for replenishment and rejuvenation.

As a hair treatment

Massage a few drops into your scalp and then massage it through your hair. Leave the ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil on overnight, being sure to protect pillow cases and sheets to avoid staining. In the morning, wash your hair as normal.

If you prefer, you can apply the ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil  treatment during the day. Massage it into your scalp and hair, and then wrap your head in a towel or put on a shower cap for at least 2 hours before washing as normal. Good to use after colouring or bleaching your hair. Your hair will look and feel silky and healthy.

Shampoo and conditioners can strip the natural oils and goodness from your hair, while the sun and colouring can cause severe damage. ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil helps to repair and replenish dull and damaged hair.

As a treatment for skin conditions

After your shower, apply a few drops to affected area and massage in a circular motion.

Treat Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and more with regular application of ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil. Assist with scar healing and the recovery from burns.

It’s one of the easiest and most nurturing ways to help improve skin conditions. You will see and feel the difference in a matter of days/weeks.

As a luxurious bath oil

Mix 1 teaspoon of ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil with 1 teaspoon of milk (to emulsify).  Add the mixture to warm bath water.

After relaxing in the bath for at least 30 minutes, softly dry your skin in a tapping motion. You will experience what I call the ‘velvet feeling’, as your skin feels moist in a luxurious, non-greasy way. At least once a week or whenever you make the time to take a luxurious bath. An ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil bath is a blissful way to cleanse your pores while relaxing your mind and soothing your body.

It’s one of the most peaceful and nurturing ways to help improve skin conditions and replenish your natural body oils.

Baby oil

After bathing your baby, massage 2-3 drops each to your baby’s legs, arms, torso, and face, ensuring that he or she is kept warm and comfortable throughout.

After every daily bath ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil will help to moisturise your baby’s skin. It will also give your baby’s skin the 'velvet' feeling.

If you bathe your baby before bedtime, the massaging action will also help to soothe and relax your baby.  ARAUCANA safely helps with any signs of Dermatitis, a common condition in babies.

Baby bath oil

Mix ½ teaspoon of ARAUCANA Rosehip Oil with ½ teaspoon of milk (to emulsify), and place the mixture into your baby’s warm bath water. Once your baby has been bathed, dry his or her skin in a soft, tapping motion.

Your baby’s skin will feel soft and moist – not oily. You will not need to apply a body lotion because your baby’s skin has already been moisturised in the rosehip bath.

Daily An ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil bath will help to relax your baby, while helping to improve various skin conditions.

Baby's Skin treatment

Apply 2-3 drops to the areas affected by dermatitis or eczema. Rub the drops gently and delicately into the skin.

Repeat twice a day (or more if necessary) until the area improves ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil can safely be used to effectively treat eczema and dermatitis on your baby’s delicate skin. 

Some customers have reported improvements within just a few days.

As a cradle cap treatment

To treat this sometimes nagging problem in your baby’s delicate scalp, gently massage several drops into the scalp before bedtime. Leave the ARAUCANAOrganic Rosehip Oil on your baby’s scalp overnight.

In the morning, wash your baby’s hair and brush it gently to help remove any dry skin. Daily until the condition improves.

Using ARAUCANARosehip Oil is a gentle, effective and non-chemical way to treat this sometimes persistent problem in your baby’s delicate scalp.  Please see testimonials from new mums Click here (go to testimonial about cradle cap)

As an aftershave

Apply 4-6 drops in an upward motion to the shaved area, and then rub the remaining ARAUCANA Rosehip Oil around the eyes for an extra pick me up.

Daily, after shaving. It is safe to use on the skin immediately after shaving. Shaving can be damaging and painful to a man’s delicate skin, causing rashes, itchiness and dryness; particularly as many men use alcohol-based, perfumed products.

ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil can help to repair and soothe damaged skin.

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