Araucana Rosehip Oil is a brilliant hair product!

Araucana Rosehip Oil as a hair product

Hi everyone, I'm Dave and I have asked Marisol if I could write a piece for her blog. 

I wanted to tell you all that I think her Rosehip Oil is the best hair product I have ever used.

For years, I have put up with greasy, waxy products to get my limp hair to look lively ;)

Every time I bought a new one, it would go everywhere and I would feel like I was wearing it all over my face.

You see, I run my hands through my hair quite a bit and then I touch my face, eyes etc. Urgghhh. It was a real problem for me. 

I met Marisol a year ago and tried her Rosehip oil as a hair product at her recommendation, putting a 5 cent piece worth in my palm and then applying it to my hair.

Not only did it clear up a bit of dry scalp I had immediately, but wonder of all wonders, it didn't go flippin' everywhere! 

So now I use it everyday as a hair product instead of gel, wax, mould or whatever else the hairdressers try and sell me haha.

The reason is because it gives my hair enough body to look like it has product in it. And feels like it's making my hair healthier.

But it doesn't look oily, feel oily, leave a yukky residue everywhere...I could go on.

So if you have any guys in your life who have this problem, or if you want a reliable, quality, healthy hair product that provides great value for money and makes you look....smarter, try Araucana Rosehip Oil. 

It's a lifesaver.


David Harker
David Harker


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