The Story Of Araucana Rosehip Oil

Marisol Bogaz was born and raised in the suburbs of Santiago, Chile, came to Australia as an ambitious 20-year-old to work and live in Sydney for two years, but stayed forever instead. Her childhood memory recollections of Rosa Mosqueta, a type of rosehip oil used by Chilean women for centuries, struck a chord with her, and she began to research its properties and applications.

She travelled back to her homeland to the source of this "modern miracle product" to find a pure Chilean Organic Rosehip Oil. She found that the bushes grow in the most beautiful surrounds, an untouched mountainous land where her traditional culture is still strong.

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Rose hips in the Andes

Rosehip Oil has been used in Chile for centuries as a healing oil, a moisturiser and to soothe and heal burns. It has so many uses. It contains Vitamins A, C and E. It absorbs into the skin faster than any other oil, so does not stain clothes or leave that 'oily film' feeling of other oils such as olive, almond or argan. You can use it in your hair, on your face, your body, to reduce scarring, even to cook with it! However Araucana is a skin care product and we cannot offer it as a food. It’s great as a day moisturiser, as a night serum or under makeup. And it makes it a perfect travelling partner when your skin is under stress.


Chilean Rosehip is known as being the best in the world. Araucana uses only the highest grade, certified organic oil. Our oil comes directly from the producer, there is no middleman. The oil travels less and we can be certain of its optimum quality, storing conditions and freshness.

Rosehips in the Andes

Because Araucana Certified Organic Pure Rosehip Oil comes from a small producer, we can be sure of the quality and care that goes into creating a premium product. We have learned that sometimes you have to go to the source to completely understand the best things about it. In Chile they take it for granted. It’s always been there.

 Rose hip Oil woman in Chile

Today, inspired by the women of Chile, Marisol is proud to share with others the exceptional skin-loving qualities of ARAUCANA’s organic, unrefined, 100% pure Rosa Mosqueta oil.



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