10 Top Uses For Rosehip Oil On Your Skin and Hair

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Today I was chatting with a friend about the 10 best uses for Rosehip Oil in our busy lives. My daily routine involves living and breathing Mother Nature's miracle product which my ancestors have been using for centuries in Chile, and I have had this conversation so many times with my customers. I am very happy to summarise our top 10 uses for Araucana Pure Organic Rosehip Oil.

1. Moisturise your skin
Rosehip Oil benefits your skin as a daily moisturiser, helping to repair damaged tissues and with the regeneration of dry skin cells.  Apply by massaging Rosehip Oil directly into dry skin regularly.

2. Treat wrinkles around eyes and mouth
Rich in Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids, Rosehip Oil will restore a younger look to your skin when applied regularly. Treat wrinkles or crows feet daily and revitalise your skin to a healthy, plumper look without the oily film left by other moisturisers not so easily absorbed.

3. Dry Hair Treatment
Repair and add life to dull or damaged hair by applying Araucana Rose hip Oil directly to your hair. Massage thoroughly into your hair and onto your scalp. You may wish to leave it in overnight, but remember to protect your pillow! Wash as normal in the morning. Ideal after chemical hair processes or for dry, lifeless hair.

4. Treat Sunburn, Sun Spots, Brown or Unsightly Spots
Used by plastic surgeons for the treatment of burns or scars, Rosehip Oil acts on scars reducing hyper-pigmentation, bulky scars and loosening up bulky chords. In our sun drenched Australian climate, Rosehip Oil is so handy to have around and is easy to apply.

5. Under makeup
ARAUCANA Organic Rosehip Oil daily as a facial primer. Or some of our customers like to mix their favourite moisturiser and Araucana Organic Rosehip Oil in a bottle and apply it as one process. Applying our oil before your makeup ensures that it goes on smoothly and stays on for longer.

6. Stretch Marks and Skincare for Mums
Pregnant Mums will love the benefits of Rosehip Oil which benefits stretch marks common skin issues for Mums after giving birth. These include eczema, dry skin, thread veins and broken capillaries.

7. Slow the Premature Ageing of your Skin
Rosehip Oil slows the premature ageing of your skin from sun and light damage. As we all age, we produce less oil and our skin becomes less moisturised. The high absorption rate of Rosehip Oil makes it ideal to restore our skin's moisture balance. Reduce or lighten the look of any scars (surgical, accidental, traumatic, post-burn) with the regular application of Rosehip Oil. 

8. Eczema & Psoriasis
Many of our customers use Araucana Rosehip Oil daily to benefit skin conditions by applying directly to areas affected by Eczema. Psoriasis is another skin condition which can be treated with the benefits of Rosehip Oil's anti inflammatory properties. One of our customers recently remarked on how successful our pure, non blended Rosehip Oil has been on her father's recovery from eczema. I wrote a blog entry on it here

9. Rosacea
Use daily to smooth skin and even out your skin tone and restore a soft natural glow. Rosehip Oil strengthens damaged capillaries, reduces redness and soothes skin.

10. Dandruff
Massage oil directly into scalp at least 2 hours before washing and the moisturising benefits of Rosehip Oil will reduce and in some cases completely eliminate your dandruff. 

Marisol Bogaz
Marisol Bogaz


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Chris Busck
Chris Busck

July 03, 2018

I wear hearing aids for at least 8 hours a day. They’re “behind the ear” type which means that the microphone and amplifier hang over the ear and the (micro) loud speaker is inserted into it. The type of speaker I prefer has a flexible plastic skirt around it called a dome, which seals against the ear canal so as to avoid feedback (squealing). However, they itched. I tried several lubricants including one recommended by audiologist. Only Araucana worked perfectly. I put one drop in the palm of my hand and use a finger tip to very lightly lubricate both canal entrances.

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