Rosehip Oil Is Ideal As An Aftershave For Men

Rosehip Oil as an aftershave balmMost ARAUCANA Rosehip Oil's followers happen to be women. But here I am very pleased to share a testimonial form Warren, who has found ARAUCANA to be a great applied after his daily shave.

Araucana Organic Rosehip Oil is ideal for men if applied immediately after shaving as an after shave balm. Soothing and anti inflammatory and moisturising in its application, male facial skin will benefit from daily application of rosehip oil after shaving.

Here is what our customer said in his email after receiving his second bottle of ARAUCANA organic Mosqueta Rosehip Oil:

I just wanted to let you know I purchased your product from the Orange Grove markets and have found it to be fantastic. My skin feels great as I use it as a moisturiser each day particularly after shaving.

Thanks Again

Warren M

Marisol Bogaz
Marisol Bogaz


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