Why Araucana is the best Rosehip Oil

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    Organic Rosehip Oil was recently described by one of our customers as "far superior to other Rosehip Oils I have tried." We were flattered and it felt like we were walking on air for the next few days!

    Once the euphoria wore off however we were intrigued to discover exactly why it was that our Rosehip Oil was so much more beneficial to your skin and hair. We believe it can be explained by three of our key points of difference.

    3 Reasons Why Araucana is the best Rosehip Oil

    We Oversee The Journey
    We source our oil from Chile, from a professional producer, with strict observation paid to organic conditions and processes which are certified by Swiss IMO. 

    When we set up Araucana Natural Cosmetics, the big issue for us was how we were going to preserve that quality. The simple answer was to oversee the journey from when it is flown directly to Sydney where it is picked up and transported securely to our local storage facility. No middle men, no lengthy shipping times and no lying around in huge warehouses for long periods in the hot weather.

    The result is that our Rosehip Oil reaches your skin in pristine condition and is of a superior quality.

    Pure Means Absolutely No Additives
    We pride ourselves in keeping our product free from additives. Some of us have allergies and understand the importance of keeping our Rosehip Oil free of allergens. 100% Organic, no 5% of this and that. No exceptions. It's better for your body, with no toxins. Our oil is fragrance free, with no colourants, preservatives or parabens which add up to mean a healthier alternative for faster healing and natural, more beautiful looking skin. 

    Swiss IMO Certified Organic
    Our body is a temple and it's the only one we have! We enjoy helping our customers take care of it in the best way possible. Our Rosehip Oil is certified organic in origin by Swiss IMO. As your body's largest organ, your skin truly reflects what you apply to it. We believe using our Organic Rosehip Oil is the best way to improve, preserve and protect healthy natural skin.

    Of course there are many other ethical reasons for buying organic. Sustainability is very important to us. We also believe in cruelty free beauty and we do not test on animals.

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