Eilish Bouchier | A Conversation With Marisol Creator of Araucuna Rosehip Oil

Marisol Bogaz on Eilish Bouchier BlogWe can't thank Eilish Bouchier enough for this wonderful article she wrote about Araucana Rosehip Oil on her blog. She is such a wonderful writer and I have so much respect for what she does. It was a real privilege to be interviewed by her about my life and my business. I love what I do and it was a joy to be able to talk through our pure Organic Araucana Rosehip Oil and its origins in Chile, as well as taking a look at what we have achieved here at Araucana over the years we have been in business.

We talk through the uses of Rosehip Oil including how it helps with itchy legs, eczema, with chemo, with burns. How it is so good as a day moisturiser, your night cream, in your hair or on your body; when your legs are dry and how it is the newest thing in beauty especially with young people.

I invite you to read the article here http://eilishbouchier.com/a-conversation-with-marisol-creator-of-araucuna-rosehip-oil/ and it would be lovely to have your feedback to our blog posts. Or email me at marisol@araucana.com.au

Marisol Bogaz
Marisol Bogaz


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