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Orange Grove Farmers Market

We always welcome new customers to Araucana Natural Cosmetics and what better way to do this than in person at one of our many market days. We sell our Organic Rosehip Oil at The Orange Grove Organic Market most Saturday mornings 8-12 in Lilyfield in Sydney's Inner West. It is a thriving Farmers Market that has amazing fresh produce and lots of yummy treats.

Many of the locals flock to Orange Grove Primary School to do their weekly grocery shopping where the selection of organic meat, vegetables and delectable food is mind blowing. Our frequent fliers drop in regularly to recharge their Araucana Rosehip Oil and many of the local arts and crafts.

This last week was the start of the Christmas rush with many of our visitors taking advantage of our two for forty special as Rosehip Oil really does make an ideal Christmas gift for the woman who has everything. We even had a fellow from America drop by to buy some Rosehip Oil for his big bushy beard. I had Dave Harker in the store with me at the time and he was able to testify that Araucana Rosehip Oil was ideal for men. As an aftershave it is very soothing and as a beard oil it does not smell 'funny', and nourishes beard hair for days.

I look forward to you dropping in anytime. Be sure to say hello. Of course if you can't make it to Orange Grove or our Palm Beach Market day, you are able to order online at any time. Or simply email me at

Marisol Bogaz
Marisol Bogaz


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